We are celebrating World Quantum Day 2022

Today, on the 14th of April, the international quantum community celebrates World Quantum Day for the first time ever. The mission of this bottom-up initiative is to bring quantum technologies closer to the broad public and to promote the development of innovative applications that will impact the future of our society. Find out more about World Quantum Day here. To contribute to this special day, we want to take a closer look at why quantum computing is so crucial for our economy and how it can already be applied today.

Quantum computing is the quantum technology with the greatest disruptive potential. Whether in manufacturing, finance, pharmacology or transportation, there is hardly an industrial sector that would not be affected by the groundbreaking innovations enabled by quantum computing. According to a representative survey commissioned by the German digitalisation association Bitkom, more than half (54 percent) of companies believe that quantum computing will be of great importance for the future competitiveness of the German economy. However, to fully harness the potential offered by quantum computing and gain crucial competitive advantages, it is important to embrace this technology early on. 

There are many ways that this technology can already be applied today. One way is to get involved in research or the development of the technology, including its components and various manufacturing processes. Europe and Germany are already well-positioned in fundamental quantum computing research and possess an outstanding academic infrastructure. Consequentially, the goal should be to transfer the existing developments into applications and enable the broad industrial deployment of quantum computing in leading companies across various sectors in Europe. 

There are currently various technological opportunities in the European market that allow companies to start investigating and developing their own use-cases on different technological platforms. It’s already possible to start the journey to implementing quantum computers without having to wait until they have large amounts of qubits ready for processing or until they become completely noise-free. In 2021, various networks and consortia were formed that bring together potential users with technology developers to tackle this reason for hesitation. The launch of public funding programmes, various training courses and other educational resources further assists companies to develop their own in-house competencies in the area of quantum computing. 

Another possibility to embrace quantum technologies is to start identifying industry-specific problems that could be addressed with quantum computing methods. At Quantum Summit 2022, we compile lots of concrete use-cases from which you can learn where and how to begin. Join dozens of high-level speakers from research, politics and business to discuss strategies that can bring quantum computing to the broader public. What needs to be done and where lie the obstacles? Gather with your colleagues at our digital event and take a look at what is required to ensure the economic, technological and political framework for businesses is ready and set to implement quantum computing on a large scale.