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Quantum technologies are on the way, whether it is healthcare, retail and logistics, finance or cybersecurity. Their disruptive nature has a potential impact on science, industry and society.

On 26 and 27 May, you get the chance to experience the latest quantum technologies, connect with international leaders and innovators from providers, research, startups, politics and public administration. Take a deep dive, broaden your perspective und shape the future of your business.

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Quantum Computing and Quantum Simulation


Quantum Computing and Quantum Simulation

Combining the fields of quantum physics, information theory and computer science, quantum computers are able to use the quantum effects that form the physical limits of classical computers. Compared to these, which can only perform one calculation at a time, quantum systems enable the processing of multiple parallel operations which allows them to solve tasks in extremely short times. Quantum simulation attempts to simulate complex quantum systems that cannot be calculated today. The simulation of proteins, for example, has enormous potential in drug development. The sheer limitless opportunities of the expected computing power raises hopes for massive breakthroughs in a variety of areas.


Quantum Communication und Quantum Cryptography


Quantum Communication and Quantum Cryptography

Secure communication infrastructures are key to our digital society. Quantum computers may one day be able to break many current encryption methods and will have a significant impact on the security of our communications – both positive and negative. Our security systems need to be fundamentally revised and adapted. The solution lies in quantum communication and (post-) quantum cryptography, whose encryption even a quantum computer cannot break.


Quantum Metrology, Quantum Sensing and other Quantum Technologies


Quantum Metrology, Quantum Sensing & Other Quantum Technologies

Utilizing quantum effects will help us go beyond the limits of our current technologies, with new sensing, metrology and imaging technologies enabling disruptive innovations. Quantum metrology explores how quantum effects can be used to further improve the accuracy of measurements. Quantum sensing takes advantage of the high sensitivity of quantum systems, allowing the development of entirely new types of sensors. Quantum enhanced imaging uses quantum effects to produce better images than even the most advanced microscopes.




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